Scrimmage and Parent Meeting

We will host our first internal team scrimmage of the preseason before school ends for the summer. We chose this date because it is deep into the spring playoffs. If our Green Mountain girl’s soccer or lacrosse teams are still alive (and we hope they are!), we will play on the grass. If all three of those seasons are over, we will play on the turf. After the preseason session with the players, we will host our first parents/players meeting.

Tuesday, May 16th: Scrimmage 3:30pm, Parents/Players Meeting 5:30pm

We have the library reserved for the parents/players meeting. If the weather is really nice, we will have the meeting outside on the soccer pitch. That detail will be determined as the date approaches.

Incoming Freshmen Welcome

This scrimmage and parents/players meeting is for all players regardless of what level you were assigned to in the fall of 2022. Likewise, it is inclusive of all incoming freshmen (per CHSAA rules, they are aloud to train with us starting May 1st). Please share a link to our website with anyone who might be a part of the 2023 Green Mountain soccer family.

Questions/Comments/Suggestions Welcome!

In order for the Green Mountain soccer program to be successful, we are going to need the input and participation of all stakeholders – players and families included. This parents/players meeting is not about Coach Matt telling you his expectations (although he will share a few foundational points about his philosophy). This is a listening session for the coaches to understand what has been working, and what needs to change. Bring your ideas, celebrations, frustrations and aspirations for your athletes and for the program as a whole. No ideas are off limits. We have the potential. Let’s do what it takes to leave underperformance behind us.

There is no need to RSVP for the parents/players meeting. All family members and guardians are welcome. This is a new era in Green Mountain Soccer. Let’s get it started together!