It’s Game Time!

There is A LOT in this post. Please find the time to read through so you don’t miss anything.

Weekly Training Schedule

The weekly training schedule is below. I won’t send this every week. It is the same every week EXCEPT when it is altered by our games, or by football games on the turf field. I will communicate exceptions to this schedule. Otherwise, this is the plan for the whole season:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: Training 4pm – 5:30pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Training 5:30pm – 7pm

Adjustments Week of 8/14

We will distribute kits Tuesday. Seniors and Juniors arrive at the clubhouse by 4:30pm. Sophomores and Freshmen, arrive by 4:50pm.

If you have not yet had a player/parent meeting with Coach Matt, and you would like to have one, your next chance is Tuesday after training.

Wednesday, we will wear our home uniforms (gold and black) to training. It will be a walkthrough working on set pieces, so we will keep the kits clean. At 5:30pm we will take team pictures, followed by a team dinner in the parking lot (maybe bring a change of t-shirts for dinner???). There is also a parent meeting with boosters at 6pm. It is very important that parents attend if possible.

Our first varsity game is at 5pm Thursday at Lakewood Memorial Field (LMF). All players are expected to attend even if you are not on the varsity gameday roster, We will meet at 4pm outside the game, and walk in together. If you are not there and ready to walk in at 4pm, you will not participate as a player or in support of your team. There is more on gameday expectations below. Jefferson does not have enough cleared players to play the match at this time, so it is postponed. A rescheduled date will be announced. Thursday we will train 5:30pm – 7pm.

Our first JV game is Friday on our home turf at 5pm. All players are expected to be at our turf by 4pm even if you are not on the JV gameday roster.

Here is a link to our full schedule for both levels.

Gameday Expectations

I have thought a lot about this, and received some feedback from parents at the player/parent meetings this past Saturday. This is my first year coaching a program with varsity and JV games split to different locations on different days. In the interest of keeping the team bonding momentum, and participating as one program, this is the plan for the 2023 boy’s soccer campaign.

All players are expected to attend all home games when it is logistically possible. That means players on the varsity gameday roster for a particular opponent will attend the JV game, and players on the JV gameday roster will attend the varsity game. We will supply ball runners for all home games on both levels. This means two JV players will not just be watching, but will be running the sidelines for each varsity home game. And two varsity players will be running balls for each JV home game as well.

The home JV games are easy because we control our own turf. The varsity home games are quite a bit more complicated for a few reasons.

  • If you purchase an activity pass through Jeffco Connect (the fee system associated with registration), you will eventually have a school ID with a logo on it that gets you into all of the Jeffco stadiums for regular season games. However, you won’t have a student ID for several weeks. In the meantime, you can print and bring your receipt from Jeffco Connect to verify your purchase (Ugh).
  • It has been recommended to me that if we all enter the stadium together, and players not on the varsity gameday roster have their home jersey on, they will likely be granted access by the stadium officials. Likely (big Ugh).
  • We would like the players not on the varsity gameday rosters to sit in the first available row together if stadium officials don’t let us all sit together in the bench area. This is not a free-for-all. This is an organized team event. Players not on the pitch should be watching players that play their position and learning. They should also be cheering loudly and positively.
  • I strongly encourage parents to meet each other at the parents meeting Wednesday. My biggest concern about this plan is unnecessary burden especially on parents of younger players regarding rides to LMF. While the coaching staff cannot be involved in carpool organization, we hope you all can find a way to work together.
  • Players are not to bring friends or siblings outside the 35 man roster to any home games. Again, these are organized team events and serve a purpose.
  • There are no expectations for players to attend any away games (except the Elizabeth game where we will all ride a charter bus to and home from Elizabeth H.S.) unless you are on the gameday roster. This means your commitment to non-playing participation is only nine games, and not the full 15 game schedule.
  • Of course, exceptions will be made for legitimate reasons. This is not as critical and immovable as the “always arrive early” rule. I am very approachable. If you have concerns, please share them.

Cashless Ticketing

JeffCo has gone cashless. You can pay by credit card at the stadiums, but Jeffco Athletics is strongly encouraging all fans to prepay for tickets. In fact, they say the app associated with the ticketing partner makes both purchasing tickets and stadium access significantly easier. The advantage to buying bulk ticket packages is you only pay the service fee once, and avoid paying it every time you buy a single game ticket. Admission to all home JV games is free. Here is the flyer from Jeffco:

Green Mountain Soccer Scarves

Scarves are inextricably linked to international football, and we would love nothing more than to see a bleacher full of “Defend the Mountain” soccer scarves. Thanks to all the families who have already purchased. Please get ready for our first games, and click here to purchase your soccer scarves.

Many of our games are in the heat of the summer. Our scares work great to blot your forehead and keep you looking fresh (machine washable). They are relatively light, and should not add to your discomfort on a hot evening. Let’s start a tradition of camaraderie and teamwork in the stands that matches the bonded effort we will be working hard to put on the pitch.

That’s a lot. This is the last heavily administrative week of the season. If you read all the way to the bottom, you have our sincere gratitude.