Week One

At a GMHS athletic department meeting on Thursday night, I was asked to choose just one word to describe our boy’s soccer program for the 2023 season. I thought about the feedback I received from the players and parents throughout the summer. On the fourth day of Team Week, the consensus among the team was that success will be defined by us bonding, playing for each other and ignoring individual stats. Teamwork. Pulling each other through the fight.


That’s the word I chose based on what the boys told me was most important to our success this year. Come what may, we do it together. I think the boys are onto something.

We have a big first week.

Week of August 7th: Here is a rundown on tryouts Monday through Thursday, training Friday, all day scrimmages Saturday, and player/parent meetings.

Monday – Tryouts 4pm – 5:30pm

Fitness Test: 10 120s

1v1s, Defending, Small Sided Play & Finishing

Tuesday – Tryouts 5:30pm – 7pm

Fitness Test: Shuttles 5-25

1v1s, Defending, Small Sided Play & Finishing

Wednesday – Tryouts 4pm – 5:30pm

Fitness Test: The Mile (bring running shoes)

1v1s, Defending, Small Sided Play & Finishing

Thursday – Tryouts 5:30pm – 7pm

Fitness Test: Makeup Fitness Tests (if you did all three, no fitness test Thursday)

1v1s, Defending, Anything the Coaches Need to See

Friday – Training 4pm – 5:30pm

Light day with strategic planning for Saturday scrimmages and upcoming games.

Saturday – Scrimmages at Mullen

Varsity Scrimmages 8am – 1pm

JV Scrimmages 1pm – 5pm

Players will be told on Friday, August 11th which scrimmages to attend. Some players might attend part of the varsity scrimmages, and part of the JV scrimmages. Please be flexible, and block this day off for Green Mountain Soccer.

Player/Parents Meetings

We will meet with each player individually to assess their role on the team as we see it starting off the season. We want to welcome parents to participate in these initial meetings. To facilitate this, we will hold many of the meetings at the Mullen scrimmages during our down time. If parents are there to watch your players, we will try to get as many of these short (five minutes-ish) meetings done as possible. This is not a time to talk about soccer program policies, tactics or strategies. This is a time to talk about one player’s strengths and opportunities, and their role on the team.

Feedback and Ideas

As always, all players and parents are encouraged to share ideas, thoughts, concerns or insights. Please contact me as things come up, and let’s get ready to Defend the Mountain, Rams!