Soccer Baseball 9/23

We have a home JV match Saturday, September 23rd at 10am at our turf field hosting Littleton. All players, including guys not suiting up for the game, are required to be there.

After the game, at roughly noon, we are going to have some fun playing soccer baseball on our grass field. How does soccer baseball differ from kickball, you might be wondering? Well, there are goal keepers, you can have multiple runners on each base, and the defense can’t use their hands (except the goal keepers). It is super fun, laid back, and easy to learn.

This is a full program soccer baseball game – parents, siblings and alumni included!

Team size is not an issue. In fact, the bigger the better. Parents are encouraged to stay after the JV match and play with us. Other family members are also invited. Alumni are welcome, too! It will be a great way for us to continue to bond together as a Green Mountain Soccer family, and I really want to meet the alumni who paved the way for what we are becoming.

Bring a sandwich and a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. I don’t want to turn this into a pot luck or another team meal that means work, organization and expense for our boosters and families. The team dinners are AWESOME and much appreciated. This is something different. This is a recreational activity scheduled at a time you might be hungry. Bring a snack for yourself. Share if you want. But let’s not complicate it beyond that.

There are no skills or equipment needed. Just some sneakers and a good attitude are all that is required. If you are not feeling athletic that day, it is easy to find a place to kind of blend in out in the outfield. We want lots of people, and aren’t really concerned who wins. Our boys are awfully competitive, but there is room for the casual players as well.

No RSVP required. Please share this with alumni. Hope to see many of our Green Mountain Soccer family there!